Reasons to Choose SEO Responsive Web Design

As we all know about the competitive digital marketing era as it is today with the emerging technology, responsive web design is no more a sign of a luxurious brand, but a necessity to stay relevant in the markets.

Responsive Web design was once a luxurious tactic for brands to come in the top rankings, but now it is a basic standard among web design platforms. In this current era of the digital landscape, responsive web design is a necessity for SEO like never before.

In the present time, various elements play a crucial role in SEO algorithms. Mentioned below are five main SEO advantages of responsive web design.
Search engine optimization, quality content and now, responsive web-design are all on the same platform and are as important as ever for SEO algorithms. Google, in April 2018 implemented the use of ‘mobile-friendly’ design or as they call it, the’ mobile-first’ initiative.

This means that if you have a desktop website only and your competitor has both desktop website as well as a mobile-optimized website, the competitor is likely to outrank you in the SEO ranking index.

Various companies are utilizing the same content for two of their websites, the desktop version, and the mobile version. This situation might hit that brand with duplicate content penalties. I know you all must be wondering what the brand must be the same!

Yes, but the Google crawlers do not understand the difference between: and, these situations have high chances of getting in trouble for duplicate or copied content, unless of course measures are taken.
Working on Google’s ‘mobile-first’ index will allow you to have a single URL for both your website versions i.e. desktop and mobile that too without the risk of duplicate content penalties.

Bounce rate simply means how fast the viewers are leaving your website after determining that this is not what they want. The quicker the viewers exit your website, the more the bounce rate will be. The metric system on the search engines evaluates how relevant or irrelevant your content on the website is. A higher bounce rate will definitely affect the SEO rankings of the website.

A visually optimized website must be interesting with quality content which is easy to read and digest. This will lower your website bounce rate and count it as responsive.
Websites with more than 3 seconds of load time will suffer a 50-60% loss of visitors. Thus, a company needs to optimize its load time so that customer experience is not hampered. SEO algorithms include load speeds as a ranking signal.

However, one must have a fully optimized mobile website as well as a desktop website with user-friendly and responsive design in order to be ranked accordingly by the SEO algorithms.

Google recognizes your website after analyzing a few key segments such as the bounce rate of your website. Thus, website designers must ensure that the user experience is a priority along with ease of access and mobile-friendliness. This will improve the readability on your website and enhance the user experience.

Mobile phones are the go-to devices for web browsing and e-commerce activities. Thus, brands need to have a user-friendly and responsive web design or else your numbers might go down. There are various benefits of responsive websites, which can help you to outrank your competitors in the SEO rankings.

The Impact Of Voice Search On Google or Current Digital Marketing Trends

As we all must be aware of the advancements in technology and how the future is actually here! About ten years ago, people laughed off on hearing the idea of voice-controlled modules, they couldn’t believe that something like could ever come true.

But the technology, after years and years of research and experiments has brought us closer as a community. From typing on Google to asking Google about our search is how far we have come. We all must have heard about ‘OK Google’, ‘Hey Siri!’ and “Alexa!’ These are the voice assistants from some of the world’s best tech companies, the emerging technology that has made voice search, a possibility.

Digital marketing trends encourage such marketing companies to invest in such technology, looking at the leading growth of the industry. Features like Speech-to-text technology are taking the industry by storm, allowing people to multitask and be more productive in whatever field they are. No more hustling to get reservations at your favourite restaurant or booking a ride back home, just ask your voice assistant to do it for you and it is done. Just like that!

If you are some Digital Marketing company in the present era, you need to work with developers in adding the voice assist features to your services. One needs to gather interest in natural voice search optimization techniques to stay relevant in the market and compete with the industry.

Voice assist technology is enabled to work with your smartphones, laptops, tablets, some speakers and cars as well. It depends on your device to enable this feature. Some require to press hold a button then make a voice search and some just require you to say the magic words and it will activate the feature.
This feature comes in very handy for simple tasks like setting alarms, reminders, sending texts, playing music etc.


  • Connect locally with your regional languages– Google’s voice assist for India introduces searches in regional languages like Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil etc.
  • Positive approach– Voice assist features enable the people to engage with technology in a whole new way, adding positivity and ease of use in the queue.
  • Intriguing user experience– As kids and teenagers believe, talking to your phone is ‘cool’. Voice assist enables the users to carry out simple tasks like calling, texting, playing music, setting reminders etc. People generally enjoy using voice search for simple tasks.
    Screen-less searching is a trend that will grow up to 30% by the end of 2020, according to researches.

The speech-to-text searches are ranked differently by search engines than the traditional SEO, thus, content creators need to keep some points in mind before advertising for voice search.

1.  The length of the voice searches is being taken into detailed consideration for the most appropriate responses.
2. Detailing is kept considerable to match the logic and content of the voice search.
3. Pronunciation, generic swiftness in voice modulation and transmission of pitch are important for the expected outcomes.
4. Schema Markup is essential to use the Metadata like time of activity, links etc. Google and Microsoft are working on a language together for the discretion of such snippets.
5. Security is becoming the key criteria for understanding the safety and ranking sites through SEO.
6. Mobile-friendly results are the most appropriate; it should be exactly like the traditional searches for the best responses.

Digital Marketing companies must use the modern SEO strategy to stay ahead in the competition. Voice recognition technology has increased tremendously over the past few years and will continue to grow, enabling it to do more complicated tasks. By using the latest SEO technologies, digital marketing will leap forward allowing companies to set a trend by becoming industry leaders in the field of digital marketing.

PHP Laravel Framework: The Most Updated Version for web Design

PHP stands for Personal Home Page and with the changing trends; Laravel Framework is the best to build your website instead of the traditional PHP. For the past few years, website development has taken a major leap with more advanced technology and Laravel PHP framework is one of them.

It is a classic framework with a clean design for PHP web development. Its web application is user-friendly, readable and consists of a scalable codebase. It has become extremely popular in a span of just three years and is considered one of the most superior PHP frameworks for website development. It is known for its strong features, maintenance and better code basis than its competitors.

As experienced by thousands of people, PHP Laravel Framework is user-friendly in all aspects. The user has to adjust the settings according to his business and the functionality works as effortless as ever. Not just common user-friendly, but it is also developer-friendly with its well-documented framework, forums, and free tutorial videos.


Laravel is known to be the best open-source PHP framework for web development and users find it very easy and interesting to use it. It is understandable, readable and consists of the following features:

  • TEMPLATE DESIGNS- The built-in lightweight templates are the most acknowledged feature of the Laravel framework. It is widely to develop productive layouts by using dynamic content seeding methods along with various widgets that use JS and CSS coding. These templates are innovative in design structure, which is used to build simple as well as complex layouts.
  • SECURITY– The web application security for the Laravel framework is very strong. The password mechanism used is hashed and salted which will never save the password in plain text.

It generates an encrypted password that is saved in the database, not as plain text. Furthermore, prepared SQL statements used by this framework prevent SQL attacking unlike other PHP frameworks in the market.

  • DATABASE MIGRATION: The migration system in Laravel is extremely safe when it comes to the protection of data. This system has the ability to change the web application database without re-building the structure every time the code is changed.

Only because of this feature, Laravel is known to be reliable as the risk of losing data from the database is minimal. It can also use PHP code instead of SQL for dynamic functionality.

  • UNIT TESTING FEATURES: Unit testing in Laravel is another feature that attracts users and developers. This framework continuously runs multiple unit tests to ensure that the changes made by the user/developer do not crack the web application. Thus, its stable release features prevent the web application from any unexpected failures.

Apart from these above-mentioned features, Laravel consists of a neat and clean code have simple APIs that are scalable, the framework is well documented for developers, the ease with which the database migration works with various developers is unlike other PHP frameworks in the market.

Other than this, the Laravel PHP framework uses the latest technology and user-friendly layouts that make web development a lot easier and intriguing.